Friday, 24 December 2010


Hello Hello. Ive haven't blogged as of late, as ive been mega busy & mega ill! Bad combination . . .
This week i was working at GQ magazine (GQ Style) at Vogue House with my friend Lauren Pires. Dream come true! When we werent sorting out clothes and accessories, we were bopping around, eating pizza and dreaming of macaroons. It was an amazing experience, and definitely confirmed my love for menswear.
I came across some designers that id never seen before, one of which was James Long; i love the multi coloured/paint print coupled with the simplicity of the designs. Some pretty cool looks. Then on the other side of the spectrum was wooyoungmi and i was really into the laptop cases and general colour palette of their ss11 collection. I also fell in love with some mens ss11 Prada shoes, i need to find out if they make them in a size 6!

James Long


Heres some pics:

Prada ss11 shoes

JW anderson ss11 festival boot with a swarovski crystal toe